ISIS Attacks in Paris Leave Europe Shaken & Scared

Zaria Swain and Maddy Renda

Friday the 13, November 2015, was surely an unlucky day for many. Terrorist group ISIS has not one, but several attacks on Paris that left an estimated 132 dead and 349 injured, 96 of which are in critical condition.  At least one of the dead is an American, a college student from California.

The attack took place while thousands of Parisians and tourists were enjoying a soccer game between France and Germany, and a concert in a nightclub. These events caused French president Francois Hollande to order a massive increase in air attacks, stating that the French Republic is at war with ISIS targets in Syria.

The first two attacks happened around 8:17pm in Stade de France where 80,000 people gathered for a friendly football game between France and Germany. The first attack, which was a suicide bombing, happened at the entrance of the stadium. It is said that a guard frisked the bomber and found an explosive vest on him after he tried to enter the stadium with a ticket.

The next attack occurred around 8:25pm at Le Petit Cambodge and Le Carillon Bar when a team of gunmen arrived and attacked diners at the popular restaurant, killing 15.

The fourth attack happened at La Nostra Pizzeria and La Belle Equipe bar, when the same team drove about 500 yards to the Pizzeria and opened fire, killing at least five people. They then drove a mile south-east and opened fired on the bar, killing at least 19 people at 8:38. The attackers then drove off.

The fifth attack happened at 8:49, where it is believed that the third group consisted of three men and one women. They entered the Bataclan Music Hall, during a concert by the American band “Eagles of Death Metal” and fired at members of the crowd with AK-47s. Surviving witnesses say three blew themselves up and a fourth was shot dead by police before the bomb detonated. CNN and other sources cite at least 80 casualties.

The worst attacked took place in Bataclan and left 80 people dead. Witnesses say it was a bloodbath. According to a CNN article,  one witness Julian Pierce says, that two men dressed in black started shooting and even after the wounded people fell to the floor the men continued shooting.

A Syrian passport was found on the body of a suicide bomber at the Paris stadium. Police say that one of the bombers was a young Frenchman that had been recently flagged for links to Islamic terrorist. Officials say the young man blew himself up after a rampage and hostage-taking un a paris concert hall.

These actions by ISIS have left a significant amount of French families devastated by the lose of their loved ones.

A day later, Saturday, November 14th ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attacks on France and stated that it is the “First of a storm” says the New York Times.

Without hesitation, France sent a series of massive air strikes on ISIS over the following weekend. Ten French fighter jets dropped 20 bombs in Raqqa, Syria.

Just a day before the attacks President Obama claimed in a ‘Good Morning America’ interview that ISIS was no longer getting stronger, saying that we have “contained” them.

Many people, such as presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, do not think we should get directly involved with ISIS. This brought to attention that allegedly some of the attackers in Paris were Syrian refugees, since President Obama said we are to bring 10,000 more refugees into America.  This would involve, according to the State Department, a very strict screening process.

Many European countries have accepted ten times that many Syrians fleeing a civil war which has left an estimated 200,000 dead in the last four years. But many Americans are not satisfied with the President’s plan.

“Something needs to happen, before we’re next,” said Jennalea Ryan, 21, of Watertown, New York.

A Fort Drum resident, who asked not to be identified, says that she is troubled by the attacks that have taken place and wonders when these random ISIS attacks will come to an end.

This tragedy has become a huge topic on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Lots of post are being made using the hashtag Pray for Paris. Millions of users are posting pictures of terribly wounded people in Paris. This event is a big deal and has been a huge topic for the past couple of days. #PrayforParis