Siberian Tiger…and a Goat?

DeShawn Smith, Staff Reporter

Usually when you have a best friend y’all have a lot in common and go through a lot together. Like Spongebob and Patrick, Bart and Milhouse, or Harry and Ron. But how about a tiger and a goat?

In Moscow, Russia, Amur, a Siberian tiger in a safari park, was suppose to feed on Timur, a goat. Tigers in American zoos don’t often get live prey, but apparently that’s how they roll in Russia.

Timur the goat, who had been nameless before, had other plans beyond being dinner.

The goat was sent into the tiger cage, according to a press release from Primorsky Safari Park. They caught Timur the goat chasing Amur the tiger out of his sleeping place.

Siberian tigers have already lost a lot of habitat to humans, but is the food chain itself changing?

With the role reversal, Amur has been sleeping on the shelter’s roof, because Timur has taken his sleeping place, and he’s confused on what is going on.

With the goat’s crazy stunt, he has been awarded the name Timur. Timur was based off of a kid in a popular book during the Communist Era who was very courageous. “It’s a fitting name for such a fearless animal,” the park said.

Even though the drama between where to sleep, it appears that there are no tensions between them. And according to the Safari Park, Timur follows Amur around, everywhere.  

According to NBC, Vladimir Putin is doing a great job with helping the endangered Siberian tigers by keeping them on safe reservations.  Apparently Putin has a big love for large and dangerous creatures native to Russia, possibly a symbol of strength.

But unlike Amur, Russia has released two young tigers last year that crossed the border into China causing destruction and killed dozens of chickens and goats. But they eventually returned to Russia.

Zookeepers removed the goat from Amur’s home after four nights, and the Tiger was roaring all night for his fellow companion. They put the goat in a neighboring home. Amur and Timur would go to the fence and go nose to nose.

The director said, “They’ve been standing nose to nose through the fencing,” and said that the goat would seem to be stressed when not being around his friend.

Even though the goat has a shelter of its own, Timur falls asleep next to the fence by his trusted comrade.