Donald Trump: Rallies Full of Racists?


Courtesy of Tribune News Service.

Trump, about to point the finger at yet another black, hispanic or immigrant person.

Z Goodman, Staff Reporter

As many people already know, the billionaire Donald Trump is running for president in the election of 2016, using the campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again.” Despite his racist attitudes and how he constantly finds new ways to be offensive to nearly all groups of people, Donald Trump still finds a way to have faithful supporters. Many of these supporters share the same attitudes as he does and do not hesitate to act on them at Trump’s rallies. There have been several cases where his supporters have become violent towards people who protest.

The most recent case of the “Trump Rally Shenanigans” was on December 14th when protesters attempted to interrupt Trump’s speech. According to Huffington Post the protesters present were a part of gun control groups or #BlackLivesMatter activists. The security guards then began to escort the protesters. However, when security guards were carrying a black man out, one of Trump’s supporters allegedly shouted “light the motherf****r on fire.”

The events of Las Vegas were not the first of the “Trump Rally Shenanigans”. In Alabama on November 21st, a #BlackLivesMatter activist named Mercutio Southall Jr. was tackled by a crowd of Trump supporters. (Daily Intelligencer). Southall has made allegations of choking and punching that went on during the aggressive tackle but there is no direct evidence of this.

As much as Donald Trump has many supporters who seem willing to become violent for him and what he stands for, there are some people who do not stand with Trump. Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore asked many of his fans and others to report Donald Trump’s facebook for “hate speech”(Daily News).

One person that requested anonymity said, “Donald Trump and his protesters are very hateful.”

As much as Donald Trump has supporters for his racist and bigotry filled policy ideas, there are also people who oppose him and all of the negative plans he has.