Gunshots vs. Screenshots in Tamir Rice Travesty


Courtesy Tribune News Service

Protesters in a march on Washington, DC.

Travis Davis, Staff Reporter

A Cleveland police officer by the name of Matthew Cicero is under investigation for attacking Tamir Rice’s mother via Facebook. After prosecutors failed to indict Timothy Loehmann, the man who shot and killed Tamir Rice within 2 seconds, Cicero decided to voice his opinion to the world.

Police officers were informed that a young male was seen pointing a gun at people at a park. The caller stated that the gun was probably fake, and that Rice was also possibly a juvenile. Timothy Loehmann and his partner, Frank Garmback, arrived on the scene. They say that upon seeing Rice reach for his hip, Loehmann fiired two shots before he even exited the vehicle. Neither officer gave him any first aid and he died the day after. It was later found that the gun was indeed an Airsoft replica, yet it lacked the orange tip required to inform people that it was a toy.

After the court failed to indict Loehmann, Cicero took to the internet with some tasteless comments directed towards Rice’s mother. The Facebook comments are gone, as well as his Facebook account, but screenshots last forever.

“Tamir rices momma just want money,” he wrote. “Lets make the proper    changes……raise your kids not to play with fake guns stupid b**. All this media because the are not getting what they want…… Again pleeeeze anyone who does not like what I post…..unfriendly me or block me your not worth my time”

Of course there are those who are defending the comments, and those pushing back by basically asking why 12-year-old with a toy gun deserves a death penalty? To which Cicero “humbly” replied “You pull out a gun you get shot. I don’t have time to ask questions and coddle kids that wave guns around.” This is very ironic, coming from a man that volunteers at the YMCA and spends his time around his own children.