Uproar over Fictional Rape and Murder Reported on Twitter

Zaria Swain, Editor in Chief

A horrific story about an unreported murder and rape in South Africa has stirred up a bit of rage on social media sites, especially Twitter.  The line between real life and fiction has been blurred once again.

The plot twist seems to be that the sad story about an 18-year-old girl named Kamo being raped in South Africa, is a complete tale. She seems to have been tweeting while the rape was occurring, which should have given a hint to the followers of this story that it might not be a true occurrence. People were so touched by her story they began to tweet messages of encouragement  for Kamo and the fake user played along as everyone showed her love and support.  

The fake account seemed to have been made by a popular tweeter with the username @Justkuthi.  She claims she only used this story to spread the word about hr friend who was brutally raped and later dies in the hospital. The first tweet begins with the words “Story time….” and continues as “Kamo” goes into depth about everything that is happening to her. she does not avoid any of the most gruesome and explicit parts of her rape and murder.

This story quickly began to spread over night and left many people feeling sorry for what seemed to have really happen to this young African girl. This tragic story became popular and even got the attention of the press. That Monday South Africa’s Star newspaper released the story with a headline that quickly got the attention of the South African readers. soon after the paper was informed that the story was not true and stated that they too along with many others were tricked.

After everyone found out about it they were shocked, but relieved that this did not really happen. some Twitter users were enraged and expressed that anyone who could make up such a story was sick because these things are very real and do actually happen to people. This story caused an even bigger uproar about rape not only in America, but also in other regions of the world.