Journalism and Other Electives in Danger of Being Cut

Zaria Swain, Editor in Chief

Do you like what you see here on Warrior Ink?  Did you know you can get course credit for writing articles like this one?

The success of most  elective programs are primarily based on the number of students who sign up for the first section of the class and actually continue on to complete the entire course. Several common English electives like creative writing, graphic novel, and journalism seem to be in danger for this very reason.

The main problem also seems to be lack of awareness of such classes, partly because students are not informed by their counselors that these classes actually exist. These are classes that are not properly advertised by the administration. Students can’t register for a class that they do not know exists.

The English department has been warned that the creative writing and journalism classes may be cut if students don’t sign up to take the course. As a current Journalism 4 student I can honestly say that I look forward to entering class every morning because I know my fellow peers will have interesting things to discuss that will jump start my day. This course is also working for my good because I have aspirations of becoming a journalist and this course provides me with the basic skills needed to be successful in the world of journalism.

Students should also be aware that this class is not only for writers and reporters but it can also be useful to students who are interested in photography and web design. The staff is always looking for new things to have under our belt and is in desperate need of sports reporters, entertainment, and photo news editors. We also have a Twitter feed where we share new stories written by the staff and things that are happening locally.

Manning a table at this year’s open house I realized that lots of students did not even know we had a school newspaper, but were excited to get to know what journalism was all about. Our journalism program is a great program with a very knowledgeable adviser and needs more students like you to be apart of our team. See your guidance counselor and get signed up for journalism or spread the word to save journalism!