Why Can’t Sanders Secure the Black Vote?


Courtesy Tribune News Service

A Sanders rally in Los Angeles, California.

Zaria Swain, Editor In Chief

Although Bernie Sanders has supported the black community in many past protests, rallies, and marches, he is still losing a majority of the black vote. He has ironically lost in states with a high black turnout. His most recent wins have started conversation on social media about whether more white Americans or more black Americans are voting for him. It seems that most of his supporters are white. The hash tag #BernieMadeMeWhite is trending on many social media sites including twitter and Instagram. Facebook users are also using the power of social media to express the ways they feel that Bernie has made them white.

This hash tag seems to be a response from black voters who are not pro Bernie Sanders. He has been winning in caucus states and they are mostly rural states that have a large number of white voters, these caucus states are where he seems to have the most supporters. Bernie Sanders has even said himself that he knows he is having trouble reaching African American women. The Bernie Sanders campaign seems to also be losing the support of Hispanic and Asian communities.

It is hard to understand where the black non supporters are coming from because there is photo evidence that can prove Sanders’ contribution and efforts towards helping the black community in their fight for equality. Hillary Clinton seems to have the majority of the minority vote. A twitter users who goes by the username tokyovampires started this worldwide hash tag. This was only after he noticed that major U.S. media stations have neglected to report on the ethnic makeup of voters.

This twitter user also noted that Sanders has won the Hawaii caucuses, which is surprising seeing that only twenty-four percent of its population is white. He believes that since he has been ignored as a black voter then his support of Bernie Sanders makes him white. Social media has a big impact on the perceptions of all the presidential candidates and Bernie Sanders just seems to be trending.

The United States census trends seem to predict that the entire country will become a majority “minority” nation by 2044.