Why We Need Feminism Now More than Ever


Z Goodman, Staff Reporter

Feminism: the shocking idea that women are people!

Often, feminists in more developed nations are accused of “complaining too much” or are asked why they aren’t happy with the way things are, at least they can vote. However, feminism is not all about dress code and unequal pay. Much of the time feminism is covered by the cloud of “women not being grateful” or how all feminists want to do is walk around with their shirts off. However, there are women in other nations who are oppressed and can do very little about it. Here are some examples of this.

Boko Haram Rape Camps:  In Northern Nigeria there are Boko Haram camps, women are being kidnapped and forced to marry Boko Haram members. The girls as young as 8 years old are being raped by these grown men. In 2014, Boko Haram stormed villages, killed the men and carted women off to rape camps in the dense forest. (Washington Post)  These women and girls will forever be emotionally damaged as a result of the torture they injured.

Breast Ironing: Originating in Cameroon and Nigeria, breast ironing is the process of “which involves using stones, hammers or hot spatulas to mutilate breast tissue, is often performed by mothers intending to prevent their daughters from being sexually harassed or raped.” It is mainly used in countries where men believe that a girl is mature and ready to have sex when they have breasts. Girls have reported that at times they can not breath and that the pain during and after the procedure. (RT)

Acid Attacks: Between 1919 and 2015 3303 women have been attacked with acid. The Much of time the girls even younger than 18 years old, are viciously attacked. The vicious attacks began in Bangladesh and spread to other arease as a way to spread terror. The attacks often take place as a result of women resisting advances from men, or not agreeing to arranged marriages. As The Acid Survivors said “acid violence reflects gender inequality and discrimination in society” Acid attacks can permanently damage victim’s vision sometimes causing women to lose eyes and leave permanent scars on the victims which could possibly stop unmarried women from getting married in the future because no man finds them desirable.

There are many women in many places who are greatly oppressed and a huge part of feminism is liberating them. Brooke Fayette from an 11th grader at Indian River High School says “It is so sad that women are being treated like that in other places… we need to work to stop it” Travis Davis a 12th grader from at Indian River commented that “Feminism isn’t just about all of that [pay gaps, and dress codes] it’s honestly about equality for all women and not just simple, smaller issues” So the next time you think to say that “feminism is not needed”  or “women already have rights” think about what women in other countries are enduring and retract your statement.