Nine-Year-Old Crime Reporter Shows People How it’s Done

Zaria Swain, Editor in Chief

We shouldn’t underestimate the intelligence of our youth. While many think they are naive and juvenile; today’s youth is beginning to surprise the world with their accomplishments every day.

One little girl is making her mark in an extra special way. Nine year old Hilde Kate Lysiak is a young journalist who is taking the world by storm with her own digital and printed newspaper. She is collecting evidence, conducting interviews, and reporting on stories that some of her professional and much older competition may be struggling to produce. She recently published a compelling article about a murder that took place in her hometown, Selinsgrove, PA.

The article was detailed and has a video that explains how she interviewed people around the neighborhood and arrived to the crime scene hours before her competition. Her online article beat the local newspaper and had a video attached that was used as visual of the crime scene. Although her article helped her gain positive followers and received over 800 page views, she also got a lot of hate comments and (ignorant) tweets from others. Hilde didn’t let these comments break her spirit–instead she bravely read some of these comments in a video and instead of crying or getting discouraged like a typical nine year old is expected to do, she simply corrects people or just laughs her critics off. This shows that she is mature beyond her years and definitely has what it takes to be successful in the make it or break it world of journalism.

Lysiak has been running Orange Street News as a blog and print edition since 2014. She has gotten some technical help from her father, who is a former reporter for New York Daily News, and her older sister who sits behind the camera and is in charge of videos and pictures. The whole family gets involved; they have assisted in transforming this newspaper that started out being written in crayon to an actual community news source that has its own website and Facebook page.

In our editorial opinion, Hilde is a courageous and dedicated nine year old that is more than just smart, she’s a quick thinker and seemingly fearless, this is something that many professional reporters lack. Hilde and The Orange Street Newspaper are switching up the game and setting a high bar for the rest of the competition.