Texting, DWI, Focus of ‘Save a Life Tour’ at IRHS


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Screenshot from Kramer International’s promotional video for the “Save a Life” simulation.

Zaria Swain, Editor In Chief

Safety while driving is a crucial part of everyone’s life, especially teens. Many are not aware of the consequences of drunk driving or texting while driving. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) statistics, a person is injured in a car accident caused by drunk driving every two minutes and about 330,000 incidents take place from texting while driving each year. It is important that all are aware of the horrific things that are caused by irresponsible driving.

Indian River administration thought that its was important for their juniors and seniors to learn about the consequences of driving while under the influence. On May 4 the Save a Life Tour was at the high school spreading awareness about the dangers of negligent driving. The program consisted of a video that explained the stories of two families that were affected by either drunk driving or texting while driving. The students got to learn about this from both points of view.

One video was about a victim of driving while texting and the other was of a guy who killed three people because he was sending a text. There were also two simulator cars that the students got to drive, so they were able to experience drunk driving and texting while driving. Students seemed to be receptive of the cars and enjoyed participating in the event. The program also included goggles that were to give students a feel of what it is like to walk a straight line while intoxicated. Some conquered the goggles while others struggled to make it to the other side.

Antonio Bell says, “the tour was a very positive experience and will remind [me to] be more cautious while driving to prom over the weekend.”

Not only were the seniors and juniors invited to learn about safe driving, but some of the underclassmen were including due to the fact that their health classes were allowed to participate in the event. This gives them a head start and will prepare them for safe driving when they come of age.

Several teachers indicated to this reporter that it cost a lot to set up this event, but most say it was money well spent on the well being of the students.