Planned Assault Leaves Teen Girl Dead in School Bathroom

Z Goodman, Staff Reporter

In the New Castle School District in Delaware, 16-year-old sophomore Amy Inita Joyner-Francis died on April 19th around 8:15 in the morning during a bathroom brawl at Howard High School of Technology (CNN). A student witness, Kayla Wilson, who happened to be in a bathroom stall when the fight began, described the fight as “She was fighting a girl, and then that’s when all these other girls started banking her — like jumping her — and she hit her head on the sink,’ Amy was later pronounced dead at A.I. DuPont Children’s Hospital (FOX News).

The cause of the fight has not been determined. But the police investigation so far seems to indicate that the odds were stacked against Amy for hours before she arrived at that bathroom, and it is clear video of the assault was also planned for.

Many people were disheartened when hearing this story. The hashtag #RIPAmy began to trend shortly after the video of the fight had gone viral. Twitter User @PAMH commented by saying “I am so sad & hurt by the young girl who lost her life at school today getting jumped. My  heart is so heavy for her and her family #RIPAmy” Another Twitter user @HotlinieBerenice said “All those involved. All the ones who watched & recorded should be punished. Justice will be served. I pray for this generation #RIPAmy” Mayor Dennis Williams said, ““I am so upset that a young lady lost her life today, things like that shouldn’t happen,” …”My heart bleeds for the family, the kids that go to this school, the administrators and this city.

Three teenage girls have finally been charged after weeks of investigation, with 16-year-old Trinity Carr who on video had thrown punches to Amy’s torso and head area is to be tried as an adult for criminally negligent homicide.  She could potentially serve up to eight years in prison.

The two other girls involved, Zion Snow and Chakeira Wright could be sentenced to a year in for third-degree criminal conspiracy in connection with an assault, though at this time they are being charged as juvenile offenders. Neither of them had a criminal record up to that day.  They are likely, depending on sentencing, going to lose an entire school year in juvenile detention for their role in planning and recording the attack.

The autopsy detected that Joyner went into cardiac arrest, and a pre- existing heart condition was found during the autopsy (KTLA).  The family of the victim is disputing this finding, as they would apparently like Carr to face a stronger charge.

The death of a young teenage girl is very disheartening, and she will be missed dearly. It is very sad that Amy Inita Joyner-Francis was not able to live her life to the fullest, but observers remain hopeful that justice will be served.