UCLA Shooting “Only” a Murder/Suicide


Courtesy Tribune News Service

LAPD officers check and guard people being evacuated from a UCLA campus building.

On June 1st around 10 in the morning,  the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California was struck by tragedy. Witnesses reported that three shots had been fired and the campus was frantic. The shooting was said to have taken place in a small office in the engineering building. Police then received calls about  an active shooter on campus. 

The campus went into lockdown, which lasted about two hours. The campus is now considered safe and the place where the shooting took place is now being investigated. Authorities found a gun at the scene, and two people dead. The apparent murder victim was William Klug, 39 a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering was the only victim that was identified. Alan Garfinkel reported to the LA times that “You cannot ask for a nicer, gentler, sweeter and more supportive guy than William Klug,”(Huffington Post)

The shooter has been identified as Mainak Sarkar who allegedly had a grudge against William Klug and he arrived at the campus with two handguns and ammunition. Sarkar was supposed to have had two targets in mind but only got to one (Washington Post). 

The situation was labeled by LAPD as “contained” by noon. (CNN). UCLA officials said that counseling will be available for all students on the campus as a way to cope with their grief.

Even as campus was reopened, many students were still in shock and emotional chaos.
Even as campus was reopened, many students were still in shock and emotional chaos.

The shooting Wednesday morning would mark the 186th shooting on a school campus in the United States since the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012. UCLA Chancellor Gene says that this entire campus is in mourning.(CNN).

Many celebrities expressed their deepest sympathies for the victims and everyone involved in the incident through tweets. Chloe Grace Moretz tweeted “UCLA school shooting, When is enough enough. It’s time to change our gun laws and change America.” Comedian Tommy Chong sent his prayers and recommended that everyone else do so with a “Pray for those in LA over at UCLA currently. Let’s put an end to gun violence.” Artist Bryan Lanning sent virtual safety by tweeting  “Stay safe UCLA students!!” (Hollywood Life)  

Many other people in the LA area, and nationwide, have reached out to the campus and offered their prayers and support.