Young People Review the First Presidential Debate

Too Young To Vote, Not Too Young to Care

Monoah Brown, Staff Reporter

Some middle schoolers in New Jersey, all members of the school’s student council gave their opinions on CNN regarding the the unusual  historic presidential debate between Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton. Over 84 million people around the world tuned in to watch the first 2016 US Presidential Debate.

The middle schoolers were asked if either of the candidates “played nice” and none of the 16 students raised their hands to agree. They noted that Trump interrupted Clinton much too often. Every time she would say something he did not agree with, he would continuously say “wrong, wrong, wrong” right over the top of her.

Riya Jain, a seventh grader, said both candidates are not playing fair and should consider their opponents points and listen to what they were saying. If she treated her friends, or her siblings the way the candidates were treating each other, she would be grounded for a week or maybe longer, Riya said.

Sarah Goodman, a sixth-grader and a Clinton supporter, said Trump wasn’t focusing on the issues that needed addressing and was instead pointing fingers. “He was only talking about his business, and he was also blaming Hillary for a lot of things that were obviously not her fault,” said Sarah.

Trump wasn’t the only one in the wrong. “While Trump was saying his speech and talking about what he feels (are) his issues, she was smiling and laughing.” said Aaron Parisi, a sixth grader who was undecided before the debate but now supports Trump.

“She just wasn’t respecting his ideas the way she should have been. She was setting a bad example, and basically laughing at what he was saying,” said Aaron.

Looking forward to the next presidential debate, on October ninth at Washington University in St. Louis, these middle schoolers had plenty of advice for the candidates.

To Trump and Clinton, Michael Usatine (an eighth grader who says he remains undecided) said he hopes to hear more from the next debate. “Instead of fighting over every question, maybe they should let the candidates speak and tell what they want to do but propose a plan on stage.” said Michael.

Matthew Colatrella, a sixth-grader, and a Trump supporter, agreed. “Maybe … to be a little nicer.” Matthew said.