Train Crashes into Station in Hoboken, NJ – 1 Dead, Several Dozen Injured


Jeff Vaughan, Staff Reporter

On Thursday September 29th, a transit train crashed into the Hoboken terminal, which is one of the busiest stations in the tri-state (NYC) commuter area.  

According to CNN, the train was carrying around two hundred and fifty passengers when it was on course to its next destination.

Witnesses say that they saw the train run past the stopping point it was traveling to, but continued without stopping or slowing down.

Jamie Weatherhead Saul, one of the passengers on the train, said, “I remember thinking, why aren’t we stopping? But we just kept going and going, no braking, no nothing.”

According to a New Jersey transit worker the train would normally have stopped ten to twenty feet before it reaches the bumper but it continued at full speed.While the train proceeded going down the tracks at it’s current speed it ended up flying off the track by hitting a bumper block and flew into the Hoboken terminal building.

Once the train hit the terminal building, parts of the roof collapsed from the structure being weakened by the crash.

The total number of casualties from the crash was one woman killed and as many as one hundred other people injured.

After the train crashed other commuters and transit workers tried to help those who were in danger,  including those bleeding from being hit by debris or trapped by the train.

Sixty-six people were were treated in the Jersey City Medical Center. All but 13 of the patients were released after the incident.

Both the National Transportation Safety board and the Federal Railroad Administration say that they are looking into the crash to find out what caused the train to continue on its path at the alarming speed it was in.

Five years ago a similar scenario took place and officials are now looking into the matter to see if the two incidents are similar but at the moment they are currently focusing on what caused the the crash in the first place.

 As of press time the railway system is shut down until they can fix the damage from the crash.New Jersey transit officials are hoping to have limited trains available on that line in a day or two, although not at that station.