Five Vermont Teens Die When Madman Rams Them Head-On

Dylan Fairooz, Staff Reporter

Duxbury, Vermont – On Saturday Oct. 8th around 11:45 p.m. five teenagers were leaving from a concert when they were  killed by a truck allegedly driven Steven Bourgoin, a man fleeing police.

Janie Cozzi, Eli Brookens, Liam Hale, Mary Harris and Cyrus Zschau all of them were juniors at Harwood Union High School except for Cozzi who attended Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, N.H.  [What concert?]

NBC News said the Vermont Police said that the teens died after a truck being driven the wrong way down the road hit them head-on.

The Washington Post says that the firefighters who responded to the 911 call said that “it was  the most horrific scene they have seen in their 10 to 15 years.”

While the police were responding to the deadly accident, Bourgion stole one of their Williston police cruisers. This then lead to a police chase on Interstate 89.

During this time witnesses say Bourgion was going about 100 mph  and hit seven other vehicles during this time, causing non-life threatening injuries to these bystanders.

Finally he crashed. Bourgion himself was critically injured from being ejected from the stolen police car.

CBN news says that Bourgion was taken into custody at the scene and then was transported to the University of Vermont medical center.

Prior to this violent crash CNN says that Bourgion had a criminal record of domestic violence and driving under the influence.

According to the Associated Press, Bourgion was arrested in May for threatening to throw this girlfriend down the stairs and bash her head on the floor. This occurred during an incident where he tried to escape with their 2 year old child.

Pulling a lanyard around her neck and said that he would “kill both of them before he let his child go.”

Authorities and reporters are not yet sure if Bourgion had communicated with his ex-girlfriend the day of the crash.

US Weekly also says that the ex-girlfriend sad “When Steven is in these moods, it is usually because he ran out of marijuana which he uses to stabilize his mood swings.”

According to the Washington Post, Bourgion has been given charges related to stealing the police cruiser and driving it recklessly. US Weekly says that his bail in this case is set at $1 million.

But at press time he has not yet been charged with the teenagers’ deaths.