Large Argentinian Protest of Violence Against Women

Emily Martinez, Staff Reporter

Thousands of Argentine women dressed in black and came together in the streets of eastern Argentine port city of Rosario, to protest the violent climate in their country which led to the abduction, rape, and murder of a sixteen-year-old girl named Lucia Perez. They waved signs in the air saying “Ni una menos” which means not one less.

These thousands of women will not stop fighting until peace has come into their nation to stop all this violence. This march was one of the largest marches against violence for women in the past year of Argentina.

There were some men in the crowd too, and more protests held in other Latin countries around the same time in a show of solidarity.

The Ni Una Menos group stated that the protest against violence for women is the third national movement. Which advocates for crime prevention and justice for victims of sexual assault.

She was found dead in the coastal city of Mar Del Plata on October 8, of 2016. Police say that she was drugged, raped, and murdered. Sexual aggressions triggered her to have a cardiac arrest, which resulted in her death.

Prosecutor Maria Isabel Sanchez told reporters “They washed her body and dressed her to make it look like an overdose,” she said.

The incident was caused by at least two men and they were known for selling drugs outside of the school, and charged with rape followed by homicide. Three men have been arrested in connection to the case.