WorkForce 2020 a Mixed Bag For IRHS Seniors

Cheyenna Snyder, Staff Reporter

Workforce 2020 is an annual educational event that helps seniors develop their interviewing skills.  All IRHS Seniors are expected to attend.

A bunch of companies came out to the Watertown International Airport Thursday, November 3, 2016 and had mock interviews with a students from several schools. One school was Indian River High School (which I attend).

My Workforce 2020 experience didn’t start off too good.

For having the last name Snyder I was put on the last bus from the high school, which wouldn’t have been a problem if it hadn’t taken 30 mins of my time away from the event that was going on.

When we arrived to the airport tons of buses were loading and dropping off kids.

Since there wasn’t much space in the building there was a very organized system where when Indian River high school arrived at 10:08 ( I kept track of the time), all the Watertown students would board their buses and leave so more space was opened and more available space in lines.

But all systems have flaws. I was stuck on my bus for 28 minutes, while my fellow peers on the other buses were allowed off for being there first, purely because of the alphabetical ordering of our names.

Finally at 10:36 I was let off and ushered into the building with hundreds of student and adults.

I was in a hurry, being already late, to interview with someone in the job area I was interested in. I had three  choices picked out and the first I went to was National Guard.

I wasn’t very interested in National Guard but the line was shorter and I’m in the process of my application for the Coast Guard. So I thought maybe the man could give me some insight on it.

I stood in line for what seemed like what was forever which was expected and at 10:46 I finally got to be interviewed.

At first he joked around with me about having a camera that tagged along with the movie “Full Metal Jacket.”  ( I had a camera to take pictures for the event to go along with this article).

Now I’m a good humor person and I like to joke around myself so I laughed and said I got his joke and sat down. But everything I asked and that were serious questions he’d laugh and joke about something else.

He wasn’t taking anything I said seriously, which would tick anyone off. Finally after 3 minutes of interviewing I asked if he wanted to see my resume and he said sure.

After skimming over it he told me what he did ( finally being somewhat serious)  and how much of a bad idea it was for me going into the coast guard.

I know they’re supposed to tell you how great they are compared to other people but insulting anyone’s choices isn’t really going to persuade anyone.

At the end he asked if I had any questions and I said no shook his hand and walked away. Already frustrated I try to find someone worth talking to. But it was too late my school was called to leave.

Although my experience wasn’t the best or what I expected at all, some of the other Indian River High School students benefited from Workforce 2020.

I asked Trevor Wickstrom, fellow senior at Indian River, “Was Workforce 2020 what you expected and do you think this would be helpful to students in the future?”

“It was actually better than what I did expect,” Wickstrom said. “I was kinda nervous at first but the questions I was asked weren’t that bad.” Carrying on he says “I do believe that future  students should be a part of Workforce 2020 because it will help them in interviewing for a job after they graduate college or high school.”