Protests Against the Dakota Access Pipeline Continue

Cheyenna Snyder, Staff Reporter

This year, Thursday November 24 2016 on Thanksgiving Day many people showed our love and thanks and gathered together as one  Meanwhile, in North Dakota, state and federal police gathered to blast protesters – the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and many supporters from around the country – with tear gas and “weaponized water” (in 20-degree weather) as they gathered to protect their land against the 1,170- mile long oil pipeline being built through the river that supplies their water.

Wait what?

Yes, in the summer of 2014 the project of the pipeline was only a concept not even a plan yet. But 18 months later through what they call the Nationwide permit 12 the project was a go without all the necessary contracts and permits with series of loopholes where the Corps typically assesses big pipelines and makes them look like a series of smaller ones, breaking them up into segments to be reviewed at specific water and wetland locations according to the Los Angeles Times.

“It’s in violation with, if not the the law itself, certainly the spirit of the law ,” said Jim Murphy and he isn’t the only one who thinks so.

Map of the Dakota Access pipeline. Tribune News Service 2016
Map of the Dakota Access pipeline. Tribune News Service 2016

Even though many protesters were hurt they did not come with violence in their hearts.

Many were saying “It’s a beautiful day to protect the water,” or “Wake up Water protectors!” and the popular refrain “Water is life!”

A lot of these men and women left family behind on Thanksgiving to protest because that’s what they thought what was right.

Armand Begay said “I could be spending Thanksgiving with my family up here. But I felt like this was more important.”

It’s more than land that the people are trying to protect. It’s water and their ancestors were buried there for centuries and now there’s gonna be a four state long pipeline running through them and people are mad, who would be?

“This is historic what’s happening here,” Fonda said and she’s right we should all remember this day men and women are fighting to have clean land and water.