What Happened to “Regents Week” at IRHS?

Emily Martinez, Staff Reporter

Why is the usual week we have off for January Regents gone? Seems it has been reduced to one day, so several Regents will be taken during the regular school day because there is not enough students signed up to take those exams and have classes cancelled.

Instead of the week off all together we have one day off then the rest of the days will be used for in school testing while classes are proceeding. But don’t be fooled because that one day off is actually called off because there are enough students taking a test that day–in other words, not a “day off” for them.

That day, one of the biggest exams given is the English Regents, which doesn’t start until 11am.  But the exam also has to be graded, which, with several written sections, takes a while.  Literally every English teacher in the building will have a sub the next day in order to score all those exams.

Students who don’t have a test that one day we have off will be happy using it, but there is an average amount of students who have to come in and take the scheduled Regents. Teachers would also have to come in that day.

They also have to miss teaching their classes  to be present during the during school Regents exams that will be going on throughout the day.

So substitutes will be hired to be with the classes, but why hire substitutes when school could be called off and money can be saved from not hiring those substitutes? Paying the substitutes and the teachers isn’t a hassle?

It has been rumored the board of education was forced to keep classes in session by the state because for the exam days there was not enough students registered to miss their classes and take the exam. A majority of the students will not miss much classes they have assigned.

But there will be students who will be missing classes, who will be missing work and notes. They can make it up most likely but not being physically there in the class, can hurt how they understand what they missed.

The worst thing that NY State Education Department can do is withhold state funding for those days. So instead of having in-school Regents to take, school should be called off. The district has plenty of money in reserve.  It’ll help the students out especially the upperclassmen. They would be able to catch up and study what they haven’t been able too because all the work that is piling up for graduation or soon to be graduation.

All students and staff would appreciate more than one day “off” during that week.