Texas Detective Latest Victim of Violence Against Police


Screenshot from CNN coverage.

Meghan Koerick, Staff News Repackager

The past year you have heard multiple articles about police brutality. It is not all cops that have caused issues in America. But police officer fatalities were increased by ten percent in the past year. The most officer fatalities happened in Texas this year. There are honorable officers like Jerry Walker, a detective with the Little Elm, Texas, Police Department who have died trying to protect and serve.

Little Elm is a suburb north of Dallas.

Walker was killed after being shot in the neck in a standoff by a man barricaded inside a residence. He was responding to a 911 call of an armed man in a backyard, and observed a man with a rifle screaming. The suspect came into the house to talk with the officers and eventually began firing his weapon. Walker was shot and transported to a local hospital then airlifted where he died from his injuries.

Many emergency responders were lined up saluting the fallen detective in a video with Amazing Grace being played on bagpipes in the background. “We ask for prayers for the family of Detective Walker,” Police Chief Rodney Harrison said, according to Fox 4. “He was a model officer and a person who will be missed here at the department and in the town of Little Elm.”

A witness, Antonio Sutton, who saw many police officers in the area, said he saw the police officers running to Walker to protect him but did not see him get shot. Sutton was picking his children up from school and had just returned home, he lived down the road from the house. The shooting caused many schools in the area to go on lockdown.

Walker was the father of four children with his youngest child being only a few months old. Walker was promoted to police detective in 2013.  The police chief called Walker a model officer. He was known to care about the people he served. He befriended children who didn’t have friends and according to the Chief  was a “people person”.

After a six hour standoff, the suspect who took the life of Detective Walker was found dead inside his home, it is unclear how he died. As of press time, the suspect has not been identified by police.