Photo of the Week 3/3/17



Playing with fire at the annual Science Fair.

Over 100 science projects were on display. Winners were announced in the following categories.

Physics: 1st, Jeremy Henning.  2nd Dylan Thomas and John Albrecht.  3rd, Brian Kessler.

Chem A: 1st, Hunter Czajkowski and Emily Trudeau. 2nd, Gage Buzzell and Tori Evans. 3rd, Angellene Nagales and Kelly Daphness.

Chem B: 1st, Hannah Bajakian. 2nd, Tamara Boyett. 3rd, Lawrence Borce and Parker Slate.

Chem C: 1st, Natalia Archibald.  2nd, Abigail Culbertson. 3rd, Kelsey McIntryre.

General Science: 1st, Miranda Bert-Brown.