IRHS Winter Ball 2017


Gabriel Pore, Staff Reporter

Indian River High School recently held a Winter Ball in the High School gym. The dance was one of the top conversations to have in the weeks leading up to it. It was held on Saturday, March 4, 2017, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

The people who made the dance possible were Mrs. Slate, and Mrs. Everett, along with the officers and volunteers from the Junior class (2018).

The theme was a Sadie Hawkins. If you were a lucky guy, a girl would as ask you to the dance. The majority of people who attended the dance say they went with their girlfriend/boyfriend. Then about 25% say they went with friends.

The dress code was “semi-formal,” meaning (according to this reporter’s mom) dress pants, and a nice button-up collared shirt, and dress shoes for guys. Girls’ attire is always a more complicated matter; a fair number of girls wore dresses and gowns at the Indian River dance. Most met the criteria, while about half of the students wore jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers.

There was dancing, which was the most popular out of the various advertised activities. Then there were board games at tables in the lobby such as Jenga, chess, Uno, and a few packs of regular playing cards. There was a hula-hoop contest.

Jasmine Davis

There was also a limbo contest, the winner of the limbo contest was Malikia Hill.

Jasmine Davis

One of the most outstanding parts of the dance was the decorations. There were snowflake string ups, fake candles with peppermint candies around them, and a lot of balloons in the center of the dance floor, there were balloons filled with helium that was anchored down by blue weights.

There was a concession stand as well. The menu had items such as nachos, popcorn, pizza, candy, and a lot of other yummy treats. Drinks such as water, Gatorade, soda, and lemonade were sold during the dance.

This was an event for the yearbook. This was one of many fun-filled events of the Indian River High School history.