15-year-old Tennessee Girl Kidnapped by Teacher, Still Missing

Trevor Wickstrom, Staff Reporter

A married father and grandfather, 50 year-old Tad Cummins, who was until recently a high school teacher, kidnapped 15 year-old Elizabeth Thomas nearly two weeks ago.

According to ABC News, the two have supposedly had inappropriate relations in school. That was reported by students, but was denied by both Cummins and Thomas when the district investigated.

Elizabeth’s sister has claimed that she had been getting bullied by fellow students and even teachers after the allegations of the kissing incident.

According to ABC News, Thomas’s co-workers claimed she would try and hide whenever Cummins showed up at her work place. Claiming “she thought it was really weird,” and “she felt uncomfortable.”

Cummins is claimed to be 6 foot tall, and around 200 lbs., while Thomas is only 5 foot 5 and 120 lbs.

ABC News claims Thomas’s attorney, Jason Whatley said that Cummins “is a 50-year-old authority-figure predator. That’s what he is. He has preyed on her,” and that “She[Elizabeth] is under his spell, and she is being controlled by him, and that is what is so scary.”

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation stated Cummins “may have been abusing his role as a teacher to groom [Elizabeth] … in an effort to lure and potentially sexually exploit her.”

TBI evidence shows that Cummins and Thomas had a romantic relationship, with email drafts to support this. Also, that Cummins had searched ways to communicate with encrypted messages.

According to ABC News, Cummins had recently been watching a show about living “off the grid”, which is living on basic necessities, and far away from civilization. Also, he’d searched if his vehicle was suitable for camping, and if it could be tracked by law enforcement.

Cummins, according to the Huffington Post, is believed to be armed, and carrying upwards of $4,500 in cash.  Authorities have had no credible sightings of either he or Elizabeth Thomas and are not sure if they are still in Tennessee at all.

It seems really unclear whether Elizabeth went willingly with Cummins, as she apparently had some kind of a relationship with him, and possibly a sexual relationship.

Regardless of what the relationship was or was not, Elizabeth’s family just wants her home.