Video Production Field Trip to WWNYTV 2017


Gabrielle Gautier, Staff Reporter

Your WIRC video production crew here at IRHS is responsible for the morning announcements every day. The setup for the daily broadcast clearly resembles one of a local news station.

So students from Mr. Burdick’s video production classes went on a field trip to see that news station in operation.  This reporter was one of those who went.

Jeff Shannon, television producer for the station, greeted the class at the door and gave a tour of the studio, including the office area, the sound room, and the main stage. He also went into detail about the different types of jobs at the station, including reporting, sound, anchor, and producer. Some of these jobs even double up, like anchors often do the jobs of producers and pick which stories they cover, and which of the stories get the most amount of time.

WWNYTV does a news segment at noon every day, and during the trip we were allowed to watch them while on air. It’s not common for the anchors to have a live audience during the news, so for Indian River students to be able to watch both performance and technical aspects of the news is a very special thing. Shannon even mentioned that Indian River is the only high school that gets to go on this trip every year.

During the 12:00 news, we got to see the news anchor, Diane Rutherford, go on air and give several stories and conduct an interview all within a very strict schedule.  Halfway through the segment we moved to the production room, where we got to see how Shannon kept the anchors on schedule and made sure everything ran smoothly while on air.

The trip overall was a very good experience for video production students, and gave good insight to possible job opportunities for those of us interested in the field. I’m glad I got to be on a part of such a special event for Indian River students.