Kansas Bondsman Finally Sentenced For Feeding Abused Son’s Body to Pigs

Abigail Smith, Staff Reporter

A former Kansas bail bondsman was sentenced to life in prison on Monday for killing his 7 year old son.  According to prosecutors, Adrian Jones was abused and starved before he was fed to pigs on the family rental property. Michael Jones, 46 will not be even eligible for parole for almost 25 years. Jones plead guilty in March to first degree murder, which apparently took place late in 2015.

Jones turned his chair away from Adrian’s family and never made eye contact when they addressed the judge. Keiana Doctor, 21, Adrian’s older sister stated, “you do not deserve sunlight as a free man,” toward Jones. The judge ordered that Jones would be on parole for the rest of his life if he was ever released from prison.

31 year old Heather Jones, stepmother to Adrian, plead guilty to the same charge in November 2016 and is serving a life sentence. Adrian died in September or October of 2015 but his death was never reported.

Little Adrian’s remains were found in November on a rental property after officers  learned he was missing. This happened while they were responding to a report that Jones attacked his wife. At Monday’s hearing a police investigator, detective Stuart Littlefield confirmed to the police for the first time that “what was left (Adrian’s body) was fed to the pigs.”

Grandmother Judy Conway said she finally got herself to look at the videos of Adrian’s abuse in the Jones home, some of which were present at trial. More than 30 cameras were set up in the home. Conway stated the the Jones’s would strap Adrian to a inversion table that made him stand in a pool overnight with stagnant water up to his neck. She also stated that the videos and photos show Heather Jones would beat him with a broom handle and put alarms on the food so he couldn’t take food when he was hungry.

Adrian’s mother told Michael Jones on Monday in court, “I don’t know if I can forgive you, but I know you should suffer for what you did.”

Department records involving Adrian’s case remain under court ordered seal, though Gilmore, chief of the Kansas Department of Children and Families said they will be releasing if a pending open records request is granted.  Many in the community are shocked that a boy could disappear so easily from school and life without any apparent intervention by those authorities.