Penn State Fraternity Brothers Charged With Hazing Student, 19, to Death

Angel Arno, Staff Reporter

Timothy Piazza has recently died during a fraternity hazing at Penn State University. The Beta Theta Pi which contained 18 brothers, made Piazza consume huge amounts of alcohol.

Piazza’s family is suing the fraternity brothers and Penn State for supplying large amounts of alcohol to their son. On Good Morning America Piazza’s father Jim Piazza openly accused the fraternity members of killing his son.

“I think the individuals involved clearly bear the most responsibility. If you read the timeline of what happened, they set out to feed these guys lethal amounts of alcohol from the outset,” he said. “There was intent [to harm] there right from the beginning,” Mr. Piazza told the New York Daily News.

At press time, at least 8 of the fraternity members have been charged criminally.

On February 2nd, Piazza fell down a flight of 15 stairs, going head first due to how much alcohol was in his system. When Piazza was found by these fraternity brothers, he was allegedly brought back up the stairs. A security camera showed footage of what happened after Piazza fell down the stairs.

The brothers proceeded to put Piazza on the couch and repeatedly beat and punch him even though they knew he needed medical attention. “Fraternity members allegedly carried Piazza upstairs and were seen on camera trying to slap Piazza awake. At one point, two of the brothers even land on his unconscious body” stated on NBC News.

The Beta Theta Pi brothers did not call the authorities until 12 hours later.  If they had called sooner Piazza might  still be alive. Piazza’s Father asked doctors if he would have lived if he was brought to medical attention sooner, the answer was yes. Piazza died due to unintended brain injuries which were unrecoverable. The 18  frat brothers are charged with criminal manslaughter and felony aggravated assault.

Piazza’s family is devastated about the death of their son. “At the end of the day, this was planned and orchestrated and I think they all need to be held accountable,” Jim stated in the interview with Good Morning America.

NBC News recorded another statement from Jim Piazza: “It was horrific. This wasn’t boys being boys. This was men who intended to force-feed lethal amounts of alcohol into other young men,” he said. “And what happened throughout the night was just careless disregard for human life. They basically treated our son as roadkill and a rag doll.”

Penn State officials have been publicly giving out their apologies for the incident on their campus, but this is not the first scandal Penn State has had in recent years.