Manchester Suicide Attack at Ariana Grande Concert

Jasmine Davis, Allergic to Capital Letters

Late Monday night around 10:33pm, a major act of terrorism occurred as a man took close to two dozen lives in a suicide bombing concluding an Ariana Grande concert.

A man detonated an explosive device at the end of the American pop singer’s concert, killing 22 people, and wounding 59 more. As of press time, several more men (mostly friends and relatives of the bomber, have also been arrested in connection to this act of violence.

Concertgoers fled the scene including young children separated from their parents as panic broke out. It was the deadliest act of terrorism Britain has seen since 2005.

Manchester Chief Constable Ian Hopkins claims that the wounded were taken to eight chosen hospitals and that of the victims, most of them were children.

The Manchester police have claimed “This is currently being treated as a terrorist incident until the police know otherwise.” Meanwhile the Prime Minister called this act “appalling” and plans to hold a special investigation committee meeting immediately.

At least one explosion has said to have gone off in the foyer of the arena, where the nearby train station was then evacuated for safety.

Sky News stated that a bomb squad disposal team has arrived on the scene and that they had widened the police cordon.

Eye witness and victim Gary Walker, who attended the show with his wife and two daughters was interviewed.  He “Heard a massive bang and saw a flash,” then he was wounded in the stomach and had a possible broken leg, while his wife was taken to the hospital as well.

Another concertgoer named Sasina Akhtar, claimed “We saw girls with blood on them” and “everyone was running and screaming”

Ms.Grande, on her “Dangerous Woman” world tour, was not injured.  The TMZ entertainment website claimed she was in hysterics right after the explosion, while her manager made a public statement that says they mourn the loss of all who died during this tragic act of senseless violence.

Nearby hotels and motels opened their doors to the victim seeking refuge and offered phone chargers so they could contact families. This is where parents seeking their children were told to look.

CNN also covered a different angle on the story, saying a homeless man came to the aid of people as they fled the event, and Muslim cab drivers in the area turned off meters and drove people home for free during the aftermath.

The security team of the concert venue claims they have tight security just like the US, with no backpacks allowed and drinks are taken away.  But the blast did not technically take place inside the the concert.

Concertgoers caught the act on video as well as screaming victims and horrified concertgoers running for refuge.

British authorities claim that the terrorist threat level has been at “severe” which is the second highest level for months at this point, meaning it was likely for an attack to happen.

Queen Elizabeth herself visited with some of the wounded in hospitals.

Courtesy of Tribune Media.