Students’ Voices: Thoughts on President Trump

Chelsea Coss, Editor in Chief

The president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic.” -Anonymous source from the inner White House, in a editorial published by the New York Times. 

The election of 2016, left quite a shock on the United States. Donald Trump has been the 45th president for almost 2 years now. Raised in Queens and at least nominally a Republican now, he is currently 72 years old.

While the rumors are still swirling about who this anonymous editorial writer is, who claims to be part of a “resistance” protecting the country, we decided to check in with the students here at IRHS. Here is what she found:

12th Grader, “I’m not a fan, I don’t think he’s right to be the president. I think he’s done some good work, but I feel he’s not the best for what he’s doing.”

9th Grader, “He’s made mistakes, but he has a future as a president. He just needs to start taking responsibility.”

12th Grader, “I like him. I like what he’s doing, I think he’s doing an amazing job, and the dramatized media portrayal of him is ridiculous.”

9th Grader, “I don’t really like him because he’s [constantly talking about] building a wall to keep illegals out. But, what if he is splitting up families and they can’t get by?”

12th Grader, “I love Trump. He’s made a lot of things better. More than Obama by far.”

10th Grader, “During the election against Hillary, I wanted Trump to win. But, that was a mistake. He’s only trying to make peace with Korea, that’s about it.”

11th Grader, “I initially didn’t like him. But, he’s doing okay.”

12th grader, “I don’t dislike him, but I think he’s brought out the bad side of America. He was supposed to make America great again, but he’s made a bigger divide. He’s a great business man but I don’t think he’s fit to be president.”

As you can see, there were mixed feelings. Some liked him and thought he was doing a decent job, while others pointed out how divided he has made the country. A lot of the students I spoke with think everything is okay or is going to be okay. They acknowledge that Trump has made mistakes but largely seem to have moved past it. Some still joke about his face and orange skin, but most have matured in the discussion of politics at our school. Upperclassmen in particular seemed relatively well informed about the President’s activities.

[Even though some students did not request it, following the lead of the NY Times, we made the decision to protect the identities of all students quoted in this article. This decision was made to prevent further division or possible disruption at school.]