First Snowfall of the Season…Already???

Briana Hemingway, Staff Reporter

It has been said [by the Farmer’s Almanac] that this year’s winter is supposed to be the “cold and white” here in the Northeast. It is only mid-October currently and temperatures have already reached freezing. Frost and hail have been reported in local areas…and snowflakes aren’t far behind.

We are definitely living up to North Country expectations of the weather being super cold. After all, the Army sends people HERE for cold weather training. As for school, with cold weather comes snow days and with snow days come happy students (and teachers).

For IRHS students who might be from other regions of the country, who hoped to enjoy the crisp, cool fall weather, it may (suddenly) feel more like winter. For this reporter, it is not enjoyable to cheer at a football game in temperatures below 40. Our team uniforms are definitely not designed with warmth in mind. There were only a couple days that I personally remember that the weather was perfect, and fall like.

Tonight, we are expecting our first snowfall of the season. The weather has been cool enough for it to snow for a several days now. The time has finally come for the snow to fall.

Snow (that sticks) is a bit early in the season this year; usually in Northern New York we don’t get “real” snow until the beginning of, or mid-November. But this year is very different, not only in New York but all across the country there have been record low temperatures, in places like Texas even.

Kids this year might be trick or treating in full on puffer coats, because this first snowfall is only the beginning.  By the time Halloween arrives, we might see more snowplows than kids on the street.  Such is life here; many towns and villages locally offer indoor Harvest or Halloween events for a reason.