Thanksgiving takes a Dangerous turn…

Briana Hemingway, Staff Reporter

Recently there has been a recall of a couple different foods, right around the holiday season.

These foods include Romaine Lettuce which was found to have outbreaks of E. Coli and Turkeys which was found to have been contaminated with Salmonella.

If this sounds all too familiar just take a stroll down memory lane to June 2018 when there was yet another E. Coli outbreak in Romaine Lettuce. If I were you, I would just avoid Romaine Lettuce.

People have been found sick in the following states related to the outbreaks in the Romaine Lettuce: California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Washington.

This bacteria is very dangerous for people with a weak immune systems as well as elders and small children.

Forty-three people have been hospitalized in these eleven states relating to the E Coli outbreak. No deaths have been reported yet but, from the previous outbreak earlier this year a total of five people have died. 

Most lettuce in stores come from the California, Arizona and some imports from Mexico. Sources think that the water these large farms use, have been contaminated. 

Contamination of Turkey has swept the nation too. The source of the outbreak is linked to raw turkey. So far it has spread to thirty-five states, hospitalizing one hundred thirty-five people.

No one brand has been linked to this outbreak. Process facilities have been tested to get answers. “Salmonella causes about one million illnesses every year, and food is the main source.” said on USA Today. 

As of November 5th there has been a total of sixty-three hospitalizations and one death in California related to the Salmonella outbreak.

Despite the salmonella outbreak you can still eat turkey safely. Just make sure wash was everything thoroughly when handling the raw bird. An easy way to prevent this from happening, is as easy as washing your hands to prevent cross contamination.