Insensitivity for Child Safety – Brutal New Video of NYPD at Work

Chelsea Coss, Editor in Chief

The news out of Brooklyn, NY, of a baby being ripped from its mother’s arms by police has horrified this reporter (and many other viewers this week as the video has gone viral). The video was disturbing and terrifying to watch. Here is a short summary of the incident.

Twenty-three-year-old Jazmine Headley was at a government building, the Brooklyn Human Resources Administration, to renew her one-year-old son’s welfare. All the seats were full and waiting for someone to assist was going to take awhile, so naturally she sat on the floor. A security officer of the HRA told her to get up and she refused, so they asked her to leave.

The cops were called in, and this is when things proceeded to get violent and loud. The crowd watched in horror as the group of officers, at least one of them female, surrounded this poor woman and her child, and started to grab the arms of the 1-year-old and rip the child out of the mother’s arms.

I personally am appalled and shocked by the insensitivity of the officers of the NYPD. That child is fragile, and new to the world. No cop should ever have the right to take a child with such a vicious force.

There is more to the story on why Jazmine Headley was being treated as so, but no mother should have to fear for the safety of her child in the hands of who are supposed to keep us safe, police officers who are sworn to protect and serve the community. She had every right to hold tight to what is dear to her, and the police had no right to try and take it away.

If you have not yet seen the video, there link is above. Warrior Ink warns you the media is disturbing and heart wrenching.

So far, two security officers from the HRA department are on leave, pending an internal investigation by that agency. But the NYPD have charged Headley with a number of things, including “acting in a manner injurious to a child” –  when it seems rather clear the child was not in any danger before they arrived. She is being held in Riker’s and, at press time, it’s unclear who is caring for her young son.