14 Earthquakes Struck Alaska in Just 4 days: Too Many to Count

Over the past couple of days in the beautiful state of Alaska, nonstop earthquakes have been increasingly occurring all over the state from Prudhoe Bay and Anchorage, to other lesser known cities as Unalaska, Kodiak, and even Nikiski.

The first recorded earthquake occurred on December 3oth at about 2:14 am at Prudhoe. Although it only had a magnitude of about 4.5, the people in the city could very well feel it according to Channel 2 KTUU News. Although the largest earthquake to hit Alaska was on December 30th with a whopping magnitude of 7.0. Officials say this has been the largest one yet. The larger earthquake to primarily have a major effect on civilians was a Magnitude 5.0 just Southwest of Anchorage. just after 6:00 pm on Dec. 31st. According to KTUU, “houses began to shake as snow fell from buildings at large amounts.”

Not only were there those couple of quakes, but over the past couple of days since December 30th to January 2nd, 14 different earthquakes above a magnitude of 3.2 in just 4 days have been recorded and observed. Of course some were too far from civilization for people to really feel them, but 7 quakes alone have been within 15 miles of well populated towns.

I had went around and asked my friends and other people on their opinion towards the earthquakes in Alaska.


Nate Mills, 18, Had said “Personally the earthquakes have a kind of big effect on me because I have family that’s living there. It sucks that there’s been that many in just a couple of short days.”


Garret Decker, 16, said “Dang there’s been 14 in 4 days? That is insane considering how much snow there is up there I never would’ve thought 14 earthquakes could happen in such short time in such a different place.”