Jayme Closs, Kidnapped and Found After 88 Days

Chelsea Coss, Editor in Chief

On October 15th, thirteen year old, Jayme Closs was kidnapped from her home in Barron, Wisconsin by Jake Patterson after he murdered Jayme’s parents. She was kept for 88 days in a cabin in the forest surrounding Gordon, Wisconsin.

On January 10th, she escaped from the cabin while he was away and found her way to help. She is now safe in her families arms and Jake Patterson is behind bars. He is being held account for 1st degree intentional homicide for both of Jayme’s parents, kidnapping, and armed burglary.

Jake Patterson, age 21, apparently had no connection or contact with Jayme before the kidnapping besides working with her parents for a short amount of time. His family are devastated about what has happened and no one ever suspected he would kidnap or harm anyone.

The press has released some information about her conditions; she was forced to stay under a bed whenever he left the cabin, along with weighted totes trapping her in. It is still unclear about everything she endured during her three months of captivity, but she is healthy and healing.

Many people and other kidnapping victims have been sending their prayers and wishes to Jayme Closs and her family; such as Lily Rose Lee and and Elizabeth Smart. They hope that she heals and with time she can come to live a normal life.

For others they are skeptical of the safety of their children, this was a rare case of a complete stranger kidnapping a random girl just for the hell of it. This situation has opened a cautious eye for the public and we hope to never see this situation happen again.

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