Former Police officer Jason Van Dyke off to Jail after Fatal Shooting of Laquan McDonald

Gabriel Coleman , Staff Reporter

In October of 2014, police officer Jason Van Dyke was involved in the shooting of young 17 year-old Laquan McDonald who was shot in the back 16 times. He is currently being charged for First-Degree Murder, the first officer since 1980.


16 Shots in only a small 15 seconds, all fired from Van Dyke according to CNN. Cops were called to Chicago’s South side to call in which a man was breaking into cars. Then the police cam on the car shows McDonald running away, then slowly walking towards the officers in the middle of the street. Moments later during the video, you can see Laquan spin and fall to the ground. According to CNN he was holding a knife walking towards the police but later revealed he was walking away. The main reason he is being hammered is due to the unnecessary 16 shots fired in just 15 seconds, that’s almost a bullet every second. Van Dyke is being charged on sixteen counts of aggravated battery with a firearm, carrying a total sentence of six to 30 years in prison with no probation according to CNN.


The community backlashed at the original court hearing of not guilty; Everyone demanded a reform of the entire case. After the release of the dashcam video 13 months after the shooting occured, the Prosecutor Joseph McMahon called the conviction a “Gratifying” conviction. Members of the jury noticed Van Dyke’s testimony “wasn’t very credible and seemed rehearsed.”


I had went around our Indian River High to ask my fellow students how they feel or were effected by the court case and fatal shooting:


Garret Decker, 15, had said “It’s kind of bullcrap to be honest unless the dude Laquan had a gun. 16 shots in 15 seconds is too much.”


Hayden Matice, 15, had said “it’s terrible what a man can do as a cop. I hope his family is doing okay after all this, especially after hearing the good news about his sentence.”