Roundtable: Best Moments of 2013


Warrior Ink Staff

It’s a new year and to welcome in 2014, the staff has chosen the best moments of 2013 for them. Let’s start.

Rebecca Hudon (Feature Editor): The really long break.

Marcus Keys (Political Editor): Seeing Miley Cyrus twerk live on TV.

Makayla Jones (Staff Reporter): Meeting new friends.

Connor Hajdasz (Sports Editor): Syracuse going to the final four.

Gabrielle Caballero (Photo Editor): Seeing the movie Frozen.

Sierra Cullum (Staff Reporter): Robin Williams having a show on TV.

Dylan Brown (Staff Reporter): Moving back to the Indian River school district.

Danielle Adams (Business Manager): Getting accepted into Champlain College.

Adam Corbo (Staff Reporter): Getting a job.

Elizabeth Cotter (Staff Reporter): My dad coming back from deployment.

Jacob McCartney (Staff Reporter): Finding out that there’s an omni-directional treadmill that tracks your movements in a video game.

Dejah Smith (Editor-in-Chief): Getting accepted into Buffalo State and leading the staff of Warrior Ink for the second time.

The whole Warrior Ink staff wish you a new year and hope for good things to come.