The Meeting of Technology and Mother Nature = Disaster?


Courtesy MCT Campus Service

A Madagascar hissing cockroach, wearing a microchip “backpack.”

After visiting Antananarivo, Madagascar, NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman talks about the growing of world disorder. One big part is about how the population and mother nature how they don’t combine. But thats just his big argument, he makes small suggestions on what is happening like how there is no more Cold war so no finances for struggling countries.

Friedman says “more important, the combined pressures of the market”  meaning this as, between countries. He brings up Moore’s law and how its stressing out developing countries and destroying the weak ones. “The definition of Moore’s Law is an observation made by intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965. He notices that the number of transistors per square inch integrated circuits had doubled every year since their invention.” This means that technology moves so fast that some places might be left behind.

The authors main argument is that you got to take mother nature into consideration if the population is exploding. And how Madagascar’s population is exploding but their soil is eroding. The story turns into just summarizing it up just to take mother nature into consideration because they have been burning coal and timber and firewood for centuries. And you look at it and it almost makes sense well it does make sense but then the article turns into how it is hard to compete in this world when developing countries are teaching computer coding in the first grade.

So I guess this article is trying to really say is take another look at the scale of problems. So it takes a little bit to read this article and get the article and what its saying. I guess thats what i see this article as.