I’ve Been Both Bully and Bullied

A Personal Account


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Bullying can have ugly consequences.

There has been so much bullying that I have seen in the last 5 years. You bully someone, people say “stop” but you don’t and you’re trying  to show off for your friend, or someone has bullied  you and you’re taking it out on other people.

Have you ever been a bully? I have. One day I bullied my friend Amanda way to far. I told her she looks like a dog with so much make-up on. one of the cool kid heard what I said and thought it was funny. A not-so-cool kid stuck up for Amanda and the cool kid and I just laughed at Amanda and the not-so-cool kid.

The next day the cool kids invited me to their lunch table so I went and sat with them. Amanda sat all alone that day. And the cool kids all just made fun of her. I bullied her so much after that she wanted to kill herself. After I found out that she wanted to kill herself, I have stopped bullying. Karma came back and got me–after I bullied Amanda, a girl named Courtney bullied me about the way  I dress.

I learned you should NEVER bully someone, it can hurt them very bad.

If you ever have a problem, tell someone like your mom or your dad, friends, etc. Always think before you speak!

If you are bullied, SPEAK UP, TELL SOMEONE!!!  People can help!!!