Is it Sexist or Rumor?


Indian River English teacher Mr.Struchen was moved from his original classroom to a predominantly female hallway. Rumor has it that he was moved because that hallway was lacking the security of a male’s presence. Some may view that as a sexist offence against the female teachers, while others may see it as being beneficial.

After talking to Struchen, I was able to get the other half of the story. The main reason he was moved was so that an incoming teacher could be closer to other ninth grade teachers. The other reason is because the administration thought it would be better to have in male in that hallway due to previous events. He said it was his choice to move and he didn’t have a problem with it. He also said the female teachers in that hallway were very welcoming.

Although his move may have been viewed as sexist, it may be beneficial to the safety of many in that hallway. He didn’t mind moving and the female teachers didn’t mind the extra security. Struchen’s move was not based on sexual discrimination. His move was simply for the well-being and safety of that hallway.