Do you believe in aliens?

It’s a 50/50 shot, you either do or you don’t. Between the television shows like you see on History channel, and the Youtube videos there is a lot of fake and bogus evidence out there, but is some of it real?

There was evidence released of a mars rover that had taken a picture when the rover was roaming mars. The picture that was released by an anonymous source was of rocks that brushed up and down like waves, and a statue type figure that was with it’s arm extended outward. Many people believed that mars once had water on the planet and that some how it dried up into a rock like statue. Others may say that it was a martian roaming and captured while walking.

Many people as weird as it may sound, or so out there to the point where you can’t even believe it, think that political leaders are just aliens sent out to destroy the political system or even earth for that in general. As if they were some type of reptilian alien race that transforms into the shape of that as a human. Such as that as mystique from the X-men would people believe that someone such as that exists. Just as it would in the comic books.

Whether or not you believe in the existence of aliens there is always some type of proof for anything in this world you may believe so as long as you are looking for it. Between History channel alien television shows and the constant conspiracy alien Youtube videos, the choice is yours of what you believe. So will you be a non believer or a believer?