How to Organize Your Handbag: Five Easy Steps


Courtesy of Tribune Media Service

Antiqued Prada purse in pleated leather…don’t let it become a garbage bin.

Tis the season…to switch from that cute little clutch purse to something more substantial for the winter months.

But don’t try to stuff the kitchen sink in there!  We’ve all seen THAT lady. The one at the front of the checkout line scavenging through her massive hand bag. As she digs deeper, elbow deep in stuff, it looks more like she’s being eaten alive by a monster than looking for a wallet. Everything from hairbrushes to receipts falls out of its depths, and yet she still can’t find what she needs. Don’t be THAT lady. Clean out your hand bag!

  1.      Remove all the trash and forgotten items from the bottom of your bag. Really! Get that stuff out of your bag. Get the gum wrappers, cookie crumbs, and empty water bottles out of your bag. That is an infestation waiting to happen. If you have more than one tubes of lipstick keep the brightest, most unflattering color to spite any hopeful muggers.
  2.      Family is important, but not THAT important. You seriously don’t need every class picture from 1989 shoved into the depths of your wallet. Only you reminisce about that family reunion where Aunt Sadie kissed her second cousin Phil. Pick a couple of photos and throw out the rest. Upload them to your phone. Just don’t be on the next “Buried Alive” hoarder intervention on TLC.
  3.      Keep it simple. Keys. Identification. Cell Phone. Money. The End.
  4.      For the hard-headed. If you can’t abide by the last step. First, take your duffel bag, also known as your handbag, and swing it upside your head. Then, refer back to step number three. Repeat as needed. [Editor’s note: JUST KIDDING. DO NOT GIVE YOURSELF A HEAD INJURY.]
  5.      If all else fails. Forget the handbag; this is why most pairs of jeans have pockets. Not the tight-fitting designer ones with gold studs on the pockets, those never have pockets, but the ones referred to as mom jeans. They have the power to carry keys, phone, and wallet along with the baby’s bottle, daughter’s cell phone, and son’s hockey puck.