Have You Heard of IR’s Animal Science Course?

Indian River’s animal science class is a  great class for a hands on learning experience. There is a variety of animals for students to explore and help take care of.


This class is excellent for students who are interested in animal careers such as, veterinarian, marine biologist and, zoologist . It also teaches students who already have pets at home the proper techniques for the best care of their pets.


This class encourages student to take part in volunteering in animal shelters and other animal care facilities.


The animals in the classroom include, rabbits, kits (baby rabbits) which were born over thanksgiving break, hares, turtles, chinchillas, fish, and guinea pigs.

Billy Eichner who took the course says, “the class was very fundamental and it was a great learning experience for him”. He also says the most memorable thing he learned was that chinchillas bathe in sand or volcanic ash. Way to go Billy!


Ms. Hirt, the teacher of animal science, also runs FFA. She has plenty of experience with animals and if you are ever interested in this field, just sign up for the class. It’s worth your time and helps people get one step closer to their career goals to work with animals. It can also be fundamental for students who don’t have any interest in animal careers.


Most of these animals are very personable and friendly except for the one we like to call ferocious beast… who loves to attack Niya just like the little mice who bit her finger. The guinea pig on the other hand loves when we give her hay and she gets excited whenever she is in our presence.


Overall the class is worth the effort. Not only is it a fun and exciting experience, but you learn useful skills as well and that is a rare thing for high schoolers.