Was Workforce 2020 Worth it?


Haley Powers

Members of the Class of 2015 do mock interviews with prospective employers. Courtesy Haley Powers/IRHS Yearbook staff.

I went into Workforce 2020 thinking it would be a complete waste of time. When I woke up the morning of, I realized I was nothing less than nervous. I was afraid of not doing well and realized I actually cared about how it would go.

All throughout first through third period, I couldn’t help but think about it. The bus ride there had me full of anticipation even though it wasn’t that long. I practiced what I was going to say to the employers I was going to see the entire time.

When we got there and I walked in, I was instantly lost. There were people everywhere and I wasn’t sure where to go, however there were people there to guide us in the right directions.

After I got through my first interview, the other two went by like a breeze. I was much more confident in my abilities and was a bit excited. For my second interview, I had to wait in line for about twenty minutes.

While I was waiting, I was approached by a very creepy mortician. He told me i looked like a funeral home service person and that I should write an article on his funeral home services. Creepy. 

That was rather awkward but the event itself was not as bad as I was expecting it to be. It was a relief honestly, that it went well. I’m glad to know I didn’t waste my time preparing for it.