Skinny Shaming?

Today’s generation is notorious for it’s ability to accept everyone. Well, almost everyone.  With numerous songs and news stories from the last year, accepting everyone regardless of their weight has made significant progress.  However as some become more welcoming of those who are “bigger” they forget that being skinny is normal too.

A recent United Kingdom Urban Outfitters underwear advertisement was taken down and is sparking some controversy.  Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority stated that the model in the shot had “…Thighs and knees were a similar width” and also mentioned the “infamous” thigh gap.  The regulators went on to say that the model looked unhealthy and is a bad role model for children.

The ad was subsequently removed and replaced, needless to say, with a woman without a thigh gap.

However, Urban Outfitters did comment that they hired the model from a well respected agency and that she showed no signs of malnutrition.

Yet, people are rejoicing as if they took down their number one enemy.  But what is this really teaching girls, that having a thigh gap or being skinny is not okay?  Everyone is made differently and depending on one’s bone structure, a thigh gap could be present on a healthy person. So should advertisements like these be taken down? To some women, the fight to stay/become skinny may lead to eating and mental disorders, so seeing these photos could have negative effects.  However now it seems like there is a double standard that all skinny girls are unhealthy and disgusting.  And even though the majority of women do not have the same figure as most models, there are girls out there who do and feel just as offended and hurt when shamed.

So maybe we should not judge someone by the space between their thighs but by the space between their ears…