In the Mind of ISS


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The actual list of Structured Studies rules that students are expected to sign.

Many people think “oh ISS no big deal.” Uh no actually it is a huge deal. You literally sit around all day in your own thoughts, and let me ask, do you want to be stuck in your own mind for eight hours straight? Didn’t think so. Either you can do work, if not you can do one out the five outdated word searches they have printed out for you.

The best part is, you cannot fall asleep, you aren’t even allowed to have your head down. Then why do they make the desk so low to the point you might as well be staring at the floor. Your neck starts to hurt but don’t you dare put your head down more than 15 degrees! Also do not and I repeat do not chew gum, it is like you are going against America. You know they should actually let you chew gum, you aren’t aloud to eat until lunch so heaven forbid you forgot breakfast, your stomach would sound like a whales trying to escape.

Just kidding the best part hasn’t come yet, are you ready? You can only go to the bathroom TWICE a day. I mean I don’t know about you guys but two times is not enough for me. I mean come on even prisoners can go to the bathroom whenever they want, but no. Teachers want us to be well manner young adults right? What kind of person takes away someone’s right to go to the bathroom when necessary, then expect them to behave how you would want?

All in all I would be very cautious of the trouble you get into during school. ISS is not something you want to experience. In School Suspension certainly lives up to it’s reputation. Trust me.