Has Twitter Gone Too Far?


Carlos Paes


Have you heard of the ugly new Twitter trend? “#TruthfulMondays” as it has been called. This is where you put people “on blast,”  i.e., broadcast all of their dirty truths. I really don’t know about you, but I feel this is absolutely ridiculous.

This sort of negative behavior is, in my thinking, the main reason people have trust issues, how can you trust anyone now a days when, all of your dirty secrets are so easily sent to twitter, within 15 seconds. I have seen people in my life absolutely destroyed because they trusted an ex- boyfriend/girlfriend, or an old friend, and when the relationship falls apart they are blasted all over Twitter.

 Do you honestly believe you could trust anyone, with any kind of secret, within this generation? Well I would advise you to be careful who you trust and what texts you send or pics you share, because your entire life can be global on Twitter within the 30 seconds it takes to destroy a friendship.

 What students in high school don’t realize, despite the many times adults have tried to publicize it, is that they can be charged with child pornography, and distribution of child pornography if caught. I feel like my generation is going down the hole. People just don’t care about their future anymore, now these days people will have sex with 25 people before the age of 18.  The chances of one of those people being terrible and interested in destroying you online, for revenge or just for kicks, are unfortunately pretty high.

When my parents were teenagers most people only had about 1 or 2, or just remained virgins. The boys don’t make it easy on themselves they have sex with multiple girls, pass her nudes, and pass her on like a sleazed up trophy. Then the girls get called whores, but girls also put it on themselves, by passing their own self around letting the guys do such things, instead of saying don’t do that.

Not just that but nowadays people would prefer to fight on Twitter and hide behind a computer instead of sitting the person down and saying this is the problem. What the principal or vice principal don’t realize is nobody is going to go to the office and say this person said this or this person is picking on me. Nobody wants to be a snitch, nobody wants their parents involved, and no one wants a write up. Clearly no one involved is mature enough to draw any kind of line on this behavior.

And so a whole of awful stuff goes on Twitter, and nobody will do anything to stop it.