Keep Posting Illegal Stuff Online, Kids!



Anderson Graphics - original image via Morguefile user greyerbaby.

Keeping proof of your illegal activities, and posting them online, can be a quick way to lose your friends and maybe meet a new cellmate.

Walking through the halls, or being on social media you see and hear things that make you question society. I mean, like the sheer number of people posting pictures of the illegal activities you engage in? Too many young people feel there’s no risk of getting caught or getting into any sorts of trouble–unless you make someone mad and they then tell the principal! Isn’t it risky enough without posting it all over social media, with your name on it? I don’t understand, are we as teenagers in this new generation above the law? I mean we act like it. You hear of someone getting arrested, then everyone says “Oh they’re stupid for being caught.” Umm no, they are stupid for posting it all over…and maybe for taking pics or video in the first place?

For example, there was (just this month) a 14-year-old boy (now 16) who was convicted of selling “revenge porn” in Great Britain. He supposedly had 170 images of the 15-year-old victim. He was selling them through Facebook messenger, and the victim ended up seeing them through the electronic grapevine! Both the boy and another he sold them to (now age 17) were both convicted under England’s new “revenge porn” and existing “kiddie porn” laws.  Due to their ages, they won’t go to prison unless they violate their parole, but they are always going to be convicted sex offenders, before they have even really started out in life.  So ladies and and gentlemen, let’s be very careful what we send, and who we send it to! Also if someone entrusts you with their love, or just their pics, don’t spread them, you can be arrested.

Then the second we turn 18 we are looked at in a completely different light. We are no longer above the law anymore, but we are so used to the “teenage” point of view that we don’t adjust our behavior. Then what? When you cross that line and are considered an adult and you get arrested for the things you did when you were younger, you’re still thinking it is no big deal? At the end of the day it is still illegal, it is against the law no matter your age. You always have to be careful with what you post, like actually understanding the saying “once its on the internet its always on the internet!” It doesn’t matter how easy it seems to get away with the crime, you will never completely know what to do or say when confronted with the situation head on. So listen kids, protect what you post online, and protect your future! You can be charged with multiple counts no matter if it is in person, or based only on the photographic evidence you are creating and sharing!