The Bluest Eye…Can Now Be Purchased?

Apparently, nothing is sacred anymore. The Nazi ideals of Nordic “perfection” are coming back to haunt us and Californian company, Stoma Medical, are at the forefront of this revolution.

Once upon a time, there was such a thing as personal uniqueness, and the appreciation in the physical features you were born with. Due to fashion and media outlets, however, they have twisted our different traits into a hit list of have-nots.

The perfect woman wears a size extra-small but can down thousands of calories worth of greasy fast-food, thanks to all the Arby’s commercials depicting this legend. She has silky smooth hair, and perfect facial features set into an almond shaped face that is, of course, blemish free.

Men are no exception to these strenuous standards; the cliche six pack is no longer in effect, he is now expected to bear an eight pack of abdominal muscles or more. Don’t forget the coiffed hair, and straight nose. The deal breaker, however, will not be his  bad breath or dry personality it will be the fact that he only stands at a meager 5’9” and not 6’2”.

The modern plastic surgeon has figured out how to create the perfect person. Silicone implants! Silicone breasts, abdomen muscles, calf muscles, bicep implants. Botox leaks from the pores of women and men alike, collagen injected in lips and forehead to achieve the great Kim Kardashian pout. Or how about having bones shaved down to create a feminine jawline, or limb-lengthening that will allow a person to grow taller. If your pockets are deep enough, there’s a willing surgeon out there somewhere willing to operate.

By far, the most prominent physical expectations created amongst humans is Hitler’s blue eyes and blonde hair ideology. Today, blonde hair can be bought in a box at the local drug store and blue-eyed contacts purchased on a shady webstore. Apparently, this wasn’t  enough for medical company Stoma Medical because they have now created a new technology that will permanently change your eye color to blue. While this procedure is advertised to people with brown eyes, any person can receive the procedure; so if you have a pair of baby blues you can change them to an aqua marine. This process has not yet been approved in the United States,but the operation is open to test subjects outside of U.S territory.

Who knows what’s next? But certainly if you can dream it and have deep enough pocket, it can be done.