Spring Break? Or Nah…Another Christmas Break?!

A formal complaint about the weather

I don’t really know about you but the depression of the snow is spreading throughout the school hallways. We were blessed with two or three nice days last week which brought high spirits with spring break to come, but seems we had gotten our spirits too high too soon. At the end of the week it had began to get colder with the temperature. People got used to wear shorts and flip flops and now we are back to messy hair and sweats. ┬áSadly enough, we walk outside and we see the thing we hate the most SNOW.

We knew it was coming but we were wishing and praying for God to just give us a break for once with the snow! But no! The plans to go and having a bonfire, out of the picture. To go to the beach, out of the plans. Barbeques, out of the plans. It feels more like Christmas break, and it is really hard to believe that we are going into April, aaaaand it’s snowing. We as human beings in the northern country will completely forget what grass is, we will come to the idea that grass is extinct altogether.

No need to worry there is a high of 45 degrees on monday! Then it seems to go all downhill from there just until we come back from break. Have a good break everyone! Stay warm, and for the people traveling be safe!