Why No Love for Warrior Ink?


Anderson Graphics

Our promotional poster.

Zaria Swain, Editor in Chief

Why is it acceptable for the student body to be unaware of the resources, programs, and clubs available at their schools. This problem is extremely prominent in the Indian River student body. I have witnessed this tragedy first hand, while the school newspaper (Warrior Ink) seems to have been dumped on an island of lost dreams.

While manning the Warrior Ink table at this fall’s Indian River High School open house I was exposed to the scary reality of how much of the student body actually knew we existed. Student after student had the same heartbreaking reaction, one of disbelief for no one knew there was a school newspaper. I even got this reaction from several staff members who seemed to have been a part of the Warrior family for quite some time.

As Editor in Chief of Warrior Ink it made me feel as if I was missing something to spark the students attention, but I soon realized that it was not because the students have no interest in a school newspaper; it was the act of mere ignorance. But some students that came to my table thought that the idea was cool and wanted to know how they could get involved. I informed them that we had lots of ways to interact with the student body, through their comments and answers to our weekly polls. We also have a Facebook page and Twitter account.

In the past we have covered all kinds of local events important to the IR community, and we could use your help in determining what upcoming things we should cover.  You can leave us a comment below to let us know.

Our Warrior Ink site was made for the student body, and our adviser Mr.Anderson and all of the Warrior Ink staff work very hard to produce a quality site that will capture the interests of the student body. Although the newspaper is digital instead of printed I feel that it should be just as important , if not more important because technology is becoming more and more popular especially to our generation.

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