13 Things You hear When You Tell People You Live in NNY


Courtesy of Morguefile user BeaBergeron under CC license.

Who says you can’t make Halloween decorations out of snow?

Maddy Renda

Have you ever been out of your hometown? Or maybe you moved after having lived in Northern New York? Well if you ever have and you’re no longer in the state of New York, chances are you’ve probably heard these before. When you tell people you’re from New York…

“Oh what part of New York City are you from?”
No, no. When you say “New York” to an… outsider, they automatically assume The Big Apple. By far this is the most annoying and inaccurate stereotype. There is a whole state, people!

“Oh? Where’s that?” –often with a genuinely puzzled look.
After you let out a sigh you stop and think about places you think they’ll at least somewhat recognize. So maybe you say “north of Syracuse” or “near Buffalo.”

“I’m not familiar with there.”
Of course you’re not. Does anyone know basic American geography?

“Is it near Canada?”

“So it’s basically Canada?

“Giants or Bills?”
Ugh. This one varies a lot!  One thing is for sure, nobody likes the Jets.

“Yankees or Mets?”
UGH! but probably the Yankees.  Or maybe even Red Sox?

“Fall must be beautiful.”
It is. Those two days of the pretty leaves are kinda nice.  But then we get the reflection of the October sun as it bounces vibrantly off the snowbanks.

“Do you get a lot of snow?”
You bet! Not as much as say, Siberia.  But the Army actually sends people to Fort Drum for cold weather training when they already have bases in Alaska.

“Must be nice having all those snow days!”
Yeah, it actually is.

“What exactly is Lacrosse?”
You wouldn’t understand, it’s a North-east corner of the country thing.  It is actually a very old game invented by Native Americans, just to drop some edumacation on ya.

“Doesn’t it snow like nine months out of the year?”
No. Only October- late March. You would be smart to plan a Halloween costume that you can wear a snowsuit under.  And that one time into May.  Yeah, there’s really only two seasons: winter, and road construction.

“Do you pick your own apples?”
Ugh, how stereotypical…only during apple picking season!
Despite all the awfully inaccurate stereotypes of Northern New York it is still a beautiful state. From the lakes and Adirondack Mountains to the changing of seasons, New York is by far one of the best states. Not only great for visitation reasons but a beautiful place to get out of the busy city.